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Frequently asked questions

See if our handy FAQs can resolve your issue.

If the software you received is not what you expected (for example, you wanted QuickBooks Online and got ProConnect tax software) please feel free to keep the software you have and request the software you want.

Please submit a new request.

We have verified that your original request was processed and sent to the same e-mail address used on this request. Please double check your SPAM filter to allow e-mail from education@intuit.com

Occasionally when signing up for the Intuit Education Program software the wrong e-mail address is entered on the request form. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within an hour of requesting the software, it possible that this has happened to you.

Please check that our e-mail is not stuck in your SPAM filter first; and if it is not, re-request your desired software.

Intuit Education Program is pleased to support your career path by providing state of the art software. It is not a reduced function version.

When you register QuickBooks Online or ProConnect you will be asked to complete information, just like a business owner who purchases the software.

This is your educational version of the software. Please use your name, street address and e-mail address. This will give you the full experience of being a business owner using the software.

For the company name, choose one that you like. If you started a business what would you call it? Use that. Have fun with the learning experience. Imagine how your future company would answer.

(Note: You do not need to use your school's name.)

Your student version of software contains the full functionality that professionals enjoy. The time period for the license is set to one year from installation for QuickBooks Online; or the end of December 2017 for ProConnect.

Intuit Education Program is pleased to support your career path and educational experience by providing state of the art software. Questions about how to use this software in your class and with your curriculum are best directed to your Instructor / Professor and even your classmates.

Each educational institution chooses their own curriculum and which version of software they will use in class. Please work with your Instructor / Professor to find out which software version is being used for your course.

Your Instructor / Professor can help you set up the payroll sections you will be using in class.

To read about the options, please explore the Employees & Payroll articles from the support page.

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